10 Best Places Of Indian Cultural Heritage You Must-Visit

Aug 06, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

From the vibrant streets of Delhi to the serene beauty of Kashmir, India is home to some of the most breathtaking places in the world, along with centuries-old monuments and awe-inspiring ancient architecture. Historically significant sites like Taj Mahal or Golden Temple never fail to bring forth an unspoken sense of admiration among travelers from around the globe. Discovering these 15 Indian Cultural Heritage spots will transport you into a different era when time seemed eternal and every detail magnified. Whether on purpose or by chance , take your pick of these destinations for exciting sightseeing opportunities that embody India’s rich history and culture!

1.Taj Mahal, Agra

Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and a symbol of love. It was built in 1632 by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to commemorate his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. This ivory-white marble mausoleum stands majestically on the banks of Yamuna River and overlooks the majestic Agra Fort. The intricate carvings on the walls and detailed work on every corner of this architectural wonder will leave you mesmerized!

2.Jaipur City Palace, Rajasthan

The imposing City Palace in the heart of Jaipur is a testament to the grandeur of India's princely past. This palace complex boasts some of the most beautiful architectural structures like Hawa Mahal and Chandra Mahal, as well as a vast collection of royal artefacts. Not to mention the sprawling courtyards and intricate gardens that take you back in time. A visit to Jaipur City Palace will no doubt leave you spellbound!

3.Amber Fort, Rajasthan

The breathtaking Amber Fort is set along the hills of Aravalli Range in Jaipur. This majestic fort was built by Maharaja Man Singh and consists of several courtyards, palaces and gardens. The grandeur of this fort is further highlighted by the intricate mirror work on its walls, which adds a ethereal beauty to it. Take a ride on the elephant back up to the fort and explore its stunning beauty!

4.Harmandir Sahib (The Golden Temple), Amritsar

The Harmandir Sahib or The Golden Temple in Amritsar is one of the most sacred places of worship for Sikhs across the world. This astonishing temple is built on a 67-foot square platform and has four entrances which symbolizes the openness of Sikhism. The gold plating on its exterior walls adds an extra charm to this glorious temple, making it one of the most visited sites in India.

5.Meenakshi Amman Temple, Tamil Nadu

The Meenakshi Amman Temple is a stunning example of the Dravidian style of architecture in India. Situated in Madurai, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvathi and her consort Lord Shiva. The detailed sculptures, intricate carvings on its pillars and gopurams are simply breath-taking. Each corner of this temple speaks volume about the vibrant culture and rich heritage that India stands for.

6.Ellora Caves, Maharashtra

The Ellora Caves are a complex of shrines and monasteries that were carved out of the rocks of Charanandri Hills in Aurangabad. Built between 6th and 10th century AD, these 34 rock-cut caves offer breathtaking views of intricate carvings depicting scenes from Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religions. A visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site will surely give you a glimpse into India's past.

7.Khajuraho Temples, Madhya Pradesh

The Khajuraho Temples are one of the most beautiful examples of Indian temple architecture from the medieval era. Built between 950-1050 AD, these temples are renowned for their intricate sculptures depicting different Hindu gods and goddesses. The erotic sculptures at Khajuraho temples stand out from the rest and showcase the life of ancient India in all its glory.

8.Hampi, Karnataka

This UNESCO World Heritage Site in Karnataka is home to some of the most beautiful monuments and ruins from the Vijayanagara Empire. The temple ruins, ancient stone chariot and impressive fortifications speak volumes about the grandeur that this empire once held. Hampi is perfectly located on the banks of Tungabhadra river and offers stunning views in every direction.

9.Konark Sun Temple, Odisha

The 13th century Konark Sun Temple is dedicated to the Hindu god, Surya and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. Built in the shape of a chariot, this temple complex is adorned with intricate carvings on its walls. The entire structure stands tall amidst lush greenery and offers breathtaking views from all sides.

10.Kashmir Valley, Jammu & Kashmir

Kashmir is known as the 'Paradise on Earth' for its stunning beauty and tranquil atmosphere. From beautiful lakes to snow-clad mountains, this valley has something for everyone. It is home to a number of heritage sites like Mughal gardens, mosques and ancient temples which provide an insight into India's rich history and culture. The valley’s serene atmosphere will make you forget the hustle and bustle of city life and give you a chance to reconnect with nature.


India is a land of diverse culture and heritage, and its historical sites have been preserved for centuries. Each of these 15 Cultural Heritage spots offers visitors the perfect opportunity to explore India's unique history and culture. From beautiful monuments like Taj Mahal and Golden Temple to stunning natural scenery in Kashmir Valley, there’s something here for everyone! So if you are looking for a unique cultural experience in India, these 15 Cultural Heritage spots should definitely be on your list.


Q. How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites are there in India?

A. There are 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India, including monuments, national parks and archaeological sites.

Q. What is the oldest monument in India?

A. The oldest monument in India is the Sanchi Stupa, which dates back to the 3rd century BC.

Q. What is the most famous temple in India?

A. The most famous temple in India is the Meenakshi Amman Temple located in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. This temple is renowned for its intricate sculptures and carvings depicting scenes from Hindu religion.

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